***Someone has a Mail Goat they are looking to sale or trade 254-433-1741

A couple of sawing mans and a metal detector 254-334-9061

***Clow bathtub for sale heavy 254-842-8810

***Cord of oak 280 and mesquite $240, Some center blocks and three chain link fence’s 254-433-3661

Looking for junk metal 254-433-6963

***Set of 4 tires 2-25-r SAS shoes most are black  254-631-8805

***Large air comperes, o turn mower 1650 254-243-0831

***Chime clock $75.00 power watcher, Talca Truck 254-433-6604

A side walk edger for sale $150 254-210-2543

Small air pancake comperes 254-488-0139

Looking for junk metal cars and trucks to haul off 254-433-0157

***Hog feeder to sale 254-433-9910

Massage chair works great white puffy jacket, 2 printers and a monitor 254-433-1075